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We believe success does not happen by accident, it is a product of planning and operational coordination. Our experienced and well qualified personnel and our commitment to safety is what separates us from the competition. We ensure the success of our approach by encouraging team work and living the core values of the company.

Toro Industrial Services, LLC is a competitive fast growing diverse crafted industrial contractor, and we are committed to providing our customers with a highly motivated professional service.  As a diverse industrial general contractor, Toro will deliver multiple needs and requirements under one organization.

Our goal is to provide our customers with multiple competitive options under a well-known service provider.


- Multiple options, with one primary contact

- Faster pricing

- Fewer PO’s

- Reduction of change orders

- Minimizing contractor traffic       

- Managing a single source




Tank Repairs

Blasting & Painting

Fab Shop

Industrial Services

Mechanical Piping


Tank Construction

Blasting & Painting




API Q1-4289              API 6A-2254           API 16C-0500            API 12J-0032

ISO 9001 4949             ASME-U                   NBIC-R                         AWS D1.1

Toro Industrial Services, LLC is currently undergoing some organizational changes. As a result, we are currently updating associated API Q1, ISO, and ancillary API licenses. The updates will include the information on this webpage to reflect the updated licenses. In the event you need the updated information immediately, please contact us at (281) 727.0178 or

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