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About Us


Toro Industrial Services was founded in 2010 with the vision of providing customers with the best available technology, products, services, and continued mindset of always creating value to our clients. Building on this foundation it was important to recruit talent with experience, integrity, and core values that match the same as the founders of the organization. Through this distinctive approach, we have successfully achieved in partnering and employing a group that is committed to the same philosophy we strive to maintain.


Starting in Corpus Christi, Tx in 2010, we now have 5 locations: La Porte, Tx; Tx City, Tx; Corpus Christi, Tx; Port Arthur, Tx; Gonzalez, La. Toro Industrial Services understands the service needs in the industrial market. Our services were established to build off the reputation of the management team. Having spent the better part of our careers in chemical plants, refineries, and energy providers, our management understands exactly what is expected and how to deliver the best in safety, quality, performance, and most of all attention to the needs of the clients we serve.


Toro Industrial Services is committed to being recognized as leader in the industry by adhering to our core values. In order to achieve this we will base our decisions and actions on those values which will afford our partners with the best service values and solutions. We accomplish our mission by utilizing proven methods, qualified people, and innovative technologies to solve complex issues in a value-added manner. We conduct our business to the highest level of safety, integrity, and quality for our employees, customers, and suppliers.


We believe success does not happen by accident, it is a product of planning and operational coordination. Our experienced and well qualified personnel and our commitment to safety is what separates us from the competition. We ensure the success of our approach by encouraging team work and living the core values of the company.

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