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Product Offerings

Fabrication of Small & Large Vessels

Surge Tanks


Header Piping

Manifold Piping

Stainless, Alloy and Carbon Spools

Unitized Skids

Fabrication Shop Capabilities

50,000 Square Ft. Shop

Competencies in the Up-Stream, Mid-Stream and Down-Stream Spaces

(5) 10-Ton Overhead Cranes

24/7 Production Schedule

In-House CWI’s and QC Inspectors

In-House Hydro Testing

In-House Stress Relieving

On-Site Project Management

Vessel Fabrication

  • Vessel Fabrication

  • Mud-Gas Separators

  • Large-Small Diameter Vessels

  • Surge Tanks

  • Offshore P-Tank Packages (Barite & Cement)

  • Header Piping

  • Manifold Piping

Products Include

In-House Engineering

In-House 3D Design

In-House Finite Element Analysis


Low Pressure Piping Capacity

High Pressure Piping Capacity

500 each 5” XX Heavy welds/week


TIG, Stick, & MIG Welding Capabilities

In-House Paint and Blast

In-House Engineering

3D Modeling

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Testing

Average 15,000 Inches Weld/ Week

Vessel Fabrication 5 Units/ Month (72” X 20’)



  • Stainless

  • Carbon Steel

  • Alloys

Tank Repairs

Toro is aware of the precautions and experience required to accomplish a time and precision sensitive project. Toro’s certified professionals have decades of experience optimizing the effectiveness of your equipment. We value our achievements and offer our knowledge to ensure your goals are met. With our safety and quality professionals, management ensures your equipment is safely assigned to you with the quality of or above API 650 and 653 standards. 


Our Tank Services Include:

- Access platforms and handrails

- Bottom installation- replacement

- Shell erection & replacement

- Column jacking & root decking

- Door sheet & window plate installation

- Floating roof deck erection

- Top angles, stiffeners, and wind girders

- Tank foundations

- EFR & IFR Seal inspection and insulation


Toro’s scaffolding department understands the importance of our client’s time and development requirements. We are dedicated to ensuring our client’s projects start off with a safe and productive foundation. Through our experience, our experts will advise and recommend the best solutions to meet and exceed your projects requirements. Our team will assist you not only though the development phases but aid you in additional and or possible unpredicted maintenance opportunities. 


Our Scaffold Services Include:

- Frame and brace scaffolding

- System scaffolding

- Tube and clamp scaffolding

- Suspended platforms

- Stair systems

- Protective/ barrier systems

- Scaffolding rental and sales

- Labor for inspection installation and removal


Toro’s civil department is committed to delivering a well-organized and quality service to our customers. We recognize and understand the importance of your situation, form grassroots to maintenance and advancement projects. Toro is dedicated to delivering a competitive cost with highly crafted individuals.    


Our Civil Services Include:

- Pump bases

- Tank foundations

- Foundation installation, grade beams to spread footings

- Drainage systems

- Slab installation and repair

- Excavation and shoring

- Ground clearing and leveling

Paint & Abrasive Blasting

Toro strives to deliver a multitude of solutions for our customers. Our paint division provides customized coatings to safeguard everything from valuable equipment and material to employee awareness. Our management leverage 75-plus years of experience to specialty services for capital projects, turnarounds and routine maintenance. 


Our Painting Services Include:

- Abrasive sandblasting

- Industrial exterior painting

- Rust encapsulation

- Tank painting

- Silo painting

- Pipe coatings

- Bridge painting

- Structural steel painting


Toro is also involved with the insulation and protection of materials and metals. As a general contractor, Toro recognizes the necessities of completing a project from start to finish. Therefore, we offer further services to eliminate additional contractors on your project and utilize a trusted source.


- Our Insulation Services Include:

- New construction & maintenance

- Industrial insulation

- Insulation and cladding/ jacketing

- Managed maintenance programs

- Off-site shop facilities

- CUI Programs

- Heat Conservation, Personal Protection, Cryogenic and Acoustical Applications

- Aerogels, Cal-Sil, Perlite, Foamglas, Mineral Wool, Fiberglass and Polyisocyanurate

- Sewn and Hog Ring Style Blankets for Hot or Cold Services

- All Types of Metal, Stainless steel and PVC Jacketing.

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